Pear in February

The same branch  -  both carved in January

One spoon in January 2015 -  One spoon in January 2016

somehow connected - but very different

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Carving the comming year gives you time to reflect on episodes from the past year

and wish the best for friends and family .

Let's make an effort to make 2016 a year worth remembering.

Thank you for your support in 2015

Timber structure

Timber structure work.

Work that require time,

work that make you forget time.

Timber, tools ,eyes , hands and mind

equal partners in the succesful completion

Tenon and mortise, bevelled scarf joint,

driving wedges and dowels into place

the unique feeling and sound of timber pulled toogether

make no haste, take your time, enjoy the moment

Sparassis crispa


Cauliflower Fungus or in Danish blomkålssvamp.

I found this beauty today, when I was out looking for King Bolete. I have seen the Cauliflower Fungus  before, but have never found one myself. I forgot all about the King Bolete and had all I could do getting this 6.5 kg treasure back home.



Most of it is now sliced to dry ,  we had some for dinner and the rest I gave to our neighbors.

A perfect afternoon.



Mid April this year Norman D. Stevens contacted me and told the story of his spoon collection , specially the 9" teaspoon collection, and asked if I would consider to donate a spoon to his collection.  I must admitI was flattered. Someone living so far away had noticed my work and wanted my spoon to be a part of a unique collection.

I desided that the spoon had to be made from an Elder tree growing in the garden. The Elder has a long tradition as a material for spoons and it is closely connected to folklore in Scandinavia.


I had one major problem, when I finished the spoon -The spoon is 10"- I considered to shorten the shaft 1", but it would change the lines and the balance and I desided to keep it ,as it was born and hope that Norman accepts the spoon as a part of the 9" tea-spoon collection.


Late August Morning

The Moorlands

I love the early mornings in the Moorlands. The dew lies heavy on the vegetation and you can just smell the start of a hot and sunny day. Although barren to look at, the moorland hides a lot of small treassures .

Today I am looking for lingonberries and bog bilberry,  two of my favorite berries for both jam and herb schnapps.

A perfect start to the day.



A Willow cooking spoon we use almost daily . It just feels right when you stir in a pot  and the coulour slightly changes over time  as the spoon gets seasoned and absorbe flavours from all the different substances .  I choose to use his spoon as an entrance to my comments on form and function.

Calculating process where function of the spoon is importent.You use your expirience and craftman skills to create a tool that will serve you, and the beauty of the spoon is closely connected to the functionality, as it is in any other tool. The form must indicate the use. It is a challange to combine the two .

I have recently made a Collection of serving spoons from Cherry and Sloe . When you take one of the spoons in your hand you feel the beauty.

A twist on a branch, a special curve on a log make you want to reveal a hidden form, a untold story, and you let your Eye, Hand and Wood get into a dialog  and it will stretch the Wood structure and your skills to the limit

If you succeed, it is like reading a poem with your hands.

A true master of seeing a hidden form and give it life  is Barry Gordon.Take a look at his Works 



Wild Cherry twins


Serving spoons from a branch of a Wild Cherry. One of the days where you feel Lucky  making the perfect plit of a small log and both  parts is suitable as spoonblanks.  I have no exact recollection  from where this shape  or design comes from, but I looked it up  after making the spoons  and found that it reminds of  the stylized acorn  used on top of plints in gardens.

I know that the twin cherry spoons will be used  daily and they will, as all wooden spoons do, become more beautiful,  when used frequently.

The Cherry Twins are a prologue for the next post  :

Useful - Useless Spoons

Frameshop opening lottery

To pick a Winner of the Lottery I have called in extra help from my Maran hens and rooster to be sure to rule out ineligibility .

There are 6 participants in the lottery. I have written the names in chronological order on a piece of plywood and placed a snack in the circle. The idea is that the hens will pick the snack in a circle and we have a Winner.

Let´s  see what happens.

This is screenshots from the video showing the Marans favorite for taking the Price and the Winner of the lottery.

  Winnie Snedker Winner


Thank to all of you for taken part in the celebration of the frameshop. If you need assistance framing Pictures, please  give me a call, I will be happy to help and Winnie send a mail to  so we can arrange for your free frame.

Frames / Billedrammer














The frame shop is open . I finally got all the tools to make quality frames. The last couple of month  I have organized a stock of materials to have a short delivery time and offer a competitive Price. Visit  and More / med Mere .

Rammeværkstedet er åben. Endelig er alt på plads værktøj og materialer, så jeg kan levere rammer med kort leveringstid og til en konkurrencedygtig pris.

Se  and More / med Mere


Jeg fremstiller også rammer til specielle formål, og vil gerne udfordres. Hvis det er muligt fremstiller jeg specialrammer af genbrugstræ eller resttræ fra træindustrien.

Jeg reparerer rammer , der trænger til at få et nyt liv. Skifter glas, passepartout og ændrer mål på rammen,  så den passer til et nyt billede.

To celebrate the opening of the frame shop I arrange a give away :

 Leave a comment and your e-mail address, and I will pick a random winner of one Picture frame of a max size  60x60 cm. Free delivery in  DK and 50/50 split on delivery everywhere else.

The give away expires 8. of Marts .

Elder - Alder

Two small Elder spoons resting on supports of Alder.

This is two species that are very common where I live. Both deciduous trees and soft hardwoods and both has a long tradition of use.  Back in the times where everyone had a private spoon  Elder Wood was the preferred wood to make spoons, it was easy to carve when moist and get tough and hard when dry. Alder is waterproof and will harden under Water. It has been used for waterpipes and wooden shoes.

"Left click" on Pictures to scrool through gallery.

The Elder and Alder goes well together, they are familiar with each other  and I want to be intimate acquainted with both.

Green, Swampy, Watery, Wet, Winter

The Geese pass over our house in mid January. Writing the change in climate on the sky.

Two decades ago the Geese visited us in late fall, as a forecast of the comming Winter, and again in early spring, telling the story of light, spring and summer.

This has changed.

The Geese come from the North in the fall, stay during the winter month, and leave again in the spring, flying north bringing the news of the comming spring to the Polar moorlands.

Observing the passage of the Geese  has always given me a feeling of joy now it is mixed with worry.

2013 - 2015

Both the candle holder and the content of the schnaps bottle dates back to 2013. I made the candle holder from the Christmas Tree we discarded  last year. One of my missions for 2015 will be to find a use for some of the Christmas trees we are throwing out in theese days. We grow a tree in 5-6 years, cut it Down, use it for a week and throw it away. What a Waste.


The bottle contains  Bog Bilberry liquor. I collected the berries in August 2013 and December this year it was ready. The aroma reminds you of the moorlands where it was collected . The Bog Bilberry liquor  must have a bottle where you can enjoy the deep purple-red colour. I made the Cork from a piece of Elder and Laburnum. The cork  is a used  champagne Cork.

Cheers.  Let´s meet again in 2015.



Picture frames

I have been preparing to make Picture frames the last 2 month and the days between Christmas  and New Year.  I have been doing tests and made  frames for 2 original drawings. I assemble the corners with beech dowels . It is very rewarding  making frames.

I love this  drawing made by Signe .

Child´s spoon / Barneske

The last couple of month I have been trying to make a child´s spoon / baby spoon. It is a new experience to me to let the function of the spoon be the focus point in the making. The child´s spoon idea came up, as a gift for my grandchild Dagmar´s christening. The idea originated from my daughter and she is very persuasive. I started out with a batch of 4 spoon blanks and ended up with 1 spoon, that could be used as a child´s spoon.

I could not let go of the child´s spoon. I started looking at traditional spoons. This silver spoon we found in the garden 30 years ago, but the design is very similar to the metal spoons you see today.

I used the general size and depth of this spoon, but the shape is not a design that relates to Wood and the flow of the grain. I worked my way through different materials and designs.

This is where my journey has taken me . I think the shape, the line and function is pleasing, but it is not the end station just a stop to consider in what direction to proceed.

I think it is important with a child´s spoon made from natural materials as wood, bone or horn.

A spoon is the first tool you learn to master. It should be warm, friendly, soft and functional. You let the wood absorbe your mood and intentions in the process of making the spoon, and I belive that the wood can convey this to the user.

The Beginning / Begyndelsen


The beginning is observing a curve on a branch/ following the curve with your hand / feeling the wood / the growth of  decades / given to you / an opportunity /working with the axe / splitting the branch down the middle / following the path of the grain / revealing the embedded spoon /using all your skills to bring out the lines / from branch to spoon / in appreciation of the Wood.

This is  my start using  a blog. It is with mixed feelings, on one hand I want to share what I do, on the other hand I have always been a very private person being extremely cautious, who I let into my life . I hope it will be  possible   to find a balance  between sharing and preserving privacy.

Welcome, I enjoy having you as my guest and I hope you will find it worthwhile reading my posts.