Child´s spoon / Barneske

The last couple of month I have been trying to make a child´s spoon / baby spoon. It is a new experience to me to let the function of the spoon be the focus point in the making. The child´s spoon idea came up, as a gift for my grandchild Dagmar´s christening. The idea originated from my daughter and she is very persuasive. I started out with a batch of 4 spoon blanks and ended up with 1 spoon, that could be used as a child´s spoon.

I could not let go of the child´s spoon. I started looking at traditional spoons. This silver spoon we found in the garden 30 years ago, but the design is very similar to the metal spoons you see today.

I used the general size and depth of this spoon, but the shape is not a design that relates to Wood and the flow of the grain. I worked my way through different materials and designs.

This is where my journey has taken me . I think the shape, the line and function is pleasing, but it is not the end station just a stop to consider in what direction to proceed.

I think it is important with a child´s spoon made from natural materials as wood, bone or horn.

A spoon is the first tool you learn to master. It should be warm, friendly, soft and functional. You let the wood absorbe your mood and intentions in the process of making the spoon, and I belive that the wood can convey this to the user.