2013 - 2015

Both the candle holder and the content of the schnaps bottle dates back to 2013. I made the candle holder from the Christmas Tree we discarded  last year. One of my missions for 2015 will be to find a use for some of the Christmas trees we are throwing out in theese days. We grow a tree in 5-6 years, cut it Down, use it for a week and throw it away. What a Waste.


The bottle contains  Bog Bilberry liquor. I collected the berries in August 2013 and December this year it was ready. The aroma reminds you of the moorlands where it was collected . The Bog Bilberry liquor  must have a bottle where you can enjoy the deep purple-red colour. I made the Cork from a piece of Elder and Laburnum. The cork  is a used  champagne Cork.

Cheers.  Let´s meet again in 2015.