A Willow cooking spoon we use almost daily . It just feels right when you stir in a pot  and the coulour slightly changes over time  as the spoon gets seasoned and absorbe flavours from all the different substances .  I choose to use his spoon as an entrance to my comments on form and function.

Calculating process where function of the spoon is importent.You use your expirience and craftman skills to create a tool that will serve you, and the beauty of the spoon is closely connected to the functionality, as it is in any other tool. The form must indicate the use. It is a challange to combine the two .

I have recently made a Collection of serving spoons from Cherry and Sloe . When you take one of the spoons in your hand you feel the beauty.

A twist on a branch, a special curve on a log make you want to reveal a hidden form, a untold story, and you let your Eye, Hand and Wood get into a dialog  and it will stretch the Wood structure and your skills to the limit

If you succeed, it is like reading a poem with your hands.

A true master of seeing a hidden form and give it life  is Barry Gordon.Take a look at his Works